about Romania

Just a side note for you: my heart began beating in 2004 when I visited Arad, Romania for two weeks as a freshman at Colorado Christian University. I spent my mornings in a state-run institution called Babes (pronounced Bob-ish), where infants under one year old were kept who had been abandoned at the local hospital. I learned that Romania has a ridiculously high abandoment rate, and they’re a little ill-equipped to handle it. I learned further that when babies aren’t held, they don’t become normally functioning humans like ourselves. If a baby isn’t loved on, talked to, held, touched, and otherwise interacted with, she won’t learn to speak, won’t learn to play, and will develop any number of various developmental and attachment disorders — just because she isn’t held and loved on. Isn’t that crazy? I spent one day at a place where the rest of our team spent their days- at a recuperation center for older kids who had been neglected as infants and toddlers. They spend most of their time rocking back and forth, hitting themselves.. I think you get the picture. Well, needless to say, I haven’t been able to get the country or its people out of my head or my heart since then. I haven’t had a chance to go back, but it’s my life goal to spend at least a few years of my life over there. I’ve got to love those babies who have no love and no one to care for them. Despite how depressing all that sounds, they’re still a people with hope. There are many, many Romanians with big hearts to help their people. I want to go join forces with them, and love them and their people!

Wanna hear a song that aptly describes the way my heart changed when I visited Romania? Go to MuteMath’s myspace, silence the video playing a short way down the page, and go back up to their music player…. and click Noticed. And if you have a few free minutes, go back to the videos and watch them. They’re funny.

If you get a chance to do some research about Romania, go for it. If you get an opportunity to actually travel to Romania– take it in a heartbeat, and prepare to have your life be rocked, and prepare to love it!


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