Update/Thought train

Ok, I still haven’t glossed the new Loves of Liz magnets..my ma’s been in town so we’ve been hanging out. A lot. We’ve been keeping her up way past midnight every night, and sleeping until noon or later. It’s a little ridiculous! It’s also helpful that I’m not working right now, or all the late night fun wouldn’t be possible. I did get more info today on my provisional license as a psychological examiner- they just need a couple more forms, a hundred smackers, and I’m provisionally licensed and eligible to take the EPPP! .. which means I’ve got to start studying for the EPPP (the national psychology exam).

Does anyone else feel pulled between two worlds? I love psychology. I get to start work in a “real” job in January as a kid therapist, something I’ve always considered doing “when I grow up”. I’m excited about that, and I have plans for getting a doctorate in something one day -developmental or clinical psychology, probably. But even then, I don’t know what I want to “do”. Research, teach, actually practice … the possibilities are endless.

But then I get on Etsy, read whatever interview is posted on the home page .. and all I want to do is be a hippie, and spend all my time pouring all my energy into creating things, which is something I’ve always loved doing. I’ve only discovered a love of psychology in the past few years.

Ack! So who knows. For now I’m having a great time knitting (just finished a Gryffindor scarf for a friend’s child, and I’m about to finish a blue scarf knitted from a pattern I made up based on a couple different stitches I learned online) until I start work in January. And that’s about when I’ll start studying for that bad old EPPP. Yikes.

One more thing -in more creative news, a handful of people have added the original set of 30 Rock Magnets to their favorites on Etsy … so that definitely fuels the fire for the crafty hippie life. Exciting!

For now, I’m gonna finish that scarf, and finish the holiday episodes of The Office and 30 Rock. I made it to season 6 of the Office tonight, and will probably save 30 Rock holiday episodes for tomorrow. There aren’t quite as many of those.

In closing, I plan on finishing, photographing and adding to the shop the Loves of Liz set of magnets tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted, all none of you who read this. 😉


“A woman has uslurped my role as Santa!” – Michael G. Scott
Good night.


~ by marcydrake on December 23, 2010.

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