Weekend scarves

Generally I have trouble finishing a regular, full-length scarf in less than … a year.  …until now. I happened upon a pattern Friday night during a knitting circle with some of my (not elderly) friends- a pattern that knits up very quickly. I started it Friday night, and finished it Saturday afternoon while I was getting my brake pads changed! And then I started another one that I finished that night at dinner. Uh… two whole scarves in two days, when my standard time frame for finishing a full scarf is usually at least several months? This is news. Anyway. The second one hasn’t been photographed yet, as it was promised to my sister when it was just a skein of yarn on the shelf at Hobby Lobby, and I already gave it to her -and then she got sick last night. So I didn’t want to take it back to photograph it, because who wants her germs? I’m not a germophobe by any stretch, but I’m not going to go asking for trouble. Anyway. That’s enough rambling. This is the first scarf:

The Jezebel. Named after the Quiet Company song, Jezebel. If they approve. If not, then it will just be Jezebel, named from a name I made up, or heard somewhere one time.

<< This is a shot of the whole thing. Jezebel is great for weird Southern winter days when it’s November, but Mother Nature is having a “senior moment,” and it’s 60-70 degrees outside.









In other news, this is one I actually finished last year, and it’s awesome. It’s soft and cozy and really warm, and the shape is really fun to play with. It doesn’t have a name yet – but I’m open to suggestions.   

I really like how it wraps around your neck. When I was making it I wasn’t sure how it would look, but it ended up being really neat… which is, in my opinion, one of the great underused vague descriptors of things. Neat.








This one is another that I finished some time last year. I had wanted it to be just a little longer, but the skein ran out before it was where I wanted it, and I’d only bought one.. so it’s worn best by tying it in a loop instead of wrapping. But we also thought it still looked cute on the shorter side, soo.. we keep it around.








Anyway, that about wraps up the scarf action for now. There is one more buttoned neck wrap I couldn’t find when we were going out to shoot the others… and I’ll add a pic of that one when I get around to it. Probably after Thanksgiving. Yeah, thankfulness and turkey and scarves!


~ by marcydrake on November 21, 2010.

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