I have great plans for sewing some dresses and/or skirts whenever I get hold of some of that elusive “free time” I hear people talk about. Too bad you can’t buy it, or barter for it .. especially if I could barter things like apathy. Wouldn’t it be cool if the world worked that way?

I could take some of my excess lethargic energy (oxymoron) and put it out into the world … and in return, gain some free time in which I could pursue all these stitchtastic endeavors I daydream about when I should be sleeping (like now). And the listlessness I cast out into the world would go into someone who needs it- like a bad guy, you know. Just out into one of the everyday dudes who makes a living scamming people or something. Or maybe someone really bad to the bone, like Joseph Kony (leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, who captures Ugandan children and forces them to be soldiers in their army, committing heinous crimes against their own people and own families) or the angry pastor at Westboro Baptist Church- or any of their minions.

Wouldn’t it be great if the world worked that way?

Anyway. Crazy well-wishing dreams aside, please remind me to get on this later when I’m wrapped up in watching my 30 Rock DVDs again. Remind me that I’ve already got most of them memorized and it’s time to move on, and if that’s too painful (they’re my friends!!!), then to incorporate my love for them into whatever my hands should be crafting. Like more magnets.

For now: Lemon out.


~ by marcydrake on April 8, 2010.

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