New Jear.

Hey, kids. It’s been like, some months since I updated.


Last semester was crazy.
I haven’t made much new stuff.

I did make an apron in between my attempts at baking good stuff. I’ll post a picture of it later, if I take one. Hmmm. But what happened was, I’d go try to bake some cookies, and I’d realize, Wait! I don’t have a holiday apron to bake in! So I had to halt the attempt.. and go sew. That only happened once though. Then we were supposed to go have a holiday party with some olda folks, and we ran a little late and they gave up on us. All the lights were out by the time we got there, fifteen minutes or so after the scheduled time. So what did we do? Ate the cookies we brought. We did leave the pies for them, though.


In other news, I’ve got … like three and a half books I want to finish before class starts next week. I’ve been awful about reading. I only do stuff I want to when there’s other stuff that needs to be done first (ie, papers, reading, etc). But anyway, the books are:
Jesus Wants to Save Christians by Rob Bell
Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers by Shane Claiborne and someone else, and
Jesus for President, also by Shane Claiborne and a different someone else.

Both those guys are fantastic writers and I love what they have to say. I just seem to love ti more when I have texts I’m required to read. :/

Anyway, in other news, … I think that’s about it.

Turns out that was kinda lame! I’ll have more to say later.

Oh, probably when I finish the book I’ve read the most of so far, Strange Son by Portia Iverson. It’s about some autistic kids. And I love it. It’s basically someone who’s as passionate about getting into autistic kids’ brains as I am. It’s incredibly frustrating to me that people assume such negative things about autistic kids because they fail the tests we give them regarding their intelligence, emotional capacity, etc —- tests that are designed for people who don’t have problems communicating. I believe autistics understand a LOT more than we give them credit for, they just can’t demonstrate that the way we can. I could tangential some more here, but I’ll wait til there’s more to say and hopefully better organized in my head so it will hopefully be better organized here.



~ by marcydrake on January 5, 2009.

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