Weight Loss

No, I’m not concerned about losing weight.

I am, however, concerned about the hordes of women who might be driven to insanity over their distress in wondering, “Where the hell is MY Jim Halpert?!”  … I’ll be leading the pack. 😉

Anyways.   .. . Wow.

Anyone else watch the Season 5 premier tonight? 

In other news, we’ve been playing with my camera… a lot. Instead of studying. It started with the shoes I bought this afternoon, on sale. But then it got later. You know what that means? Weird faces. Which means laughing until we cry.

Here are the shoes that started it all:

They are gold and awesome.

THEN, Kamie suggested we stop by Target— and they had more Office stuff in their dollar bins! Do you know how excited I was? I don’t think you do. I know my fridge was happy when I got home.

Then the faces started. Kamie’s way too good.

I might’ve cried a little.

Then, our cats keep us entertained on a regular basis. They often sleep in either identical or mirror image positions on the red couch. This was from the other day:

And today, the same. I don’t know why they do this but it’s so funny.






Anyways. …


Okay, two more pictures. Of Kamie and me and our cats, since we’re cat ladies. 

 Yaaay, Gibbard, best kittle ever!






And her brother Jet, who’s subjected to playing “airplane” with Kamie (he really loves it)!






More face pictures might get put on FB later.


Well, I love Jim Halpert, and good night.


~ by marcydrake on September 25, 2008.

6 Responses to “Weight Loss”

  1. yea for amazing friends
    and the office
    especially Jim Halpert


  2. hey how come we never used jet dry?

    also i know how excited you were about those office goodies b/c i remember!

  3. How amazing is it that your shoes say blowfish in them! Totally awesome! Oh and they are super cute. 😉 I LOLed whenever I saw the pic of your kitties. They are getting so big… hardly kittens anymore! It seriously looks like you copied and pasted one kitty in the same picture. I am extremely pumped about you finding some sweet Dollar bin office stuff. I found some great stuff at Urban Outfitters. I splurged and got the fridge magnets. Then the other night when we got season 4 we got a special addition that had like this cool sticky notebook and all the post it notes say dunder mifflin on them and we also got the script Toby (Paul) wrote along with a bonus disc. Totally awesome!!! Whoahh sorry for the long comment/message. 🙂

  4. I’m going to target

  5. yay crazy cat ladies!!!

  6. Ah, kittehs! They are so cute! I want to post pictures of my kitty (well, she’s more like a granny kitty–she’s 10 years old! Eeek!) on my blog, but I haven’t figured out how to make it fit into my overall theme of food…

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