Today in Tangibles

Schrist and I went to the fair. It was awesome. We each paid four dollars for four tickets to ride the ferris wheel (because I knew the Zipper/Bullet/Sizzler would make me vomit), just to have the hispanic carney put it into high gear and whip us around that circular path. We asked him to stop it at the top. He did. Then he stopped it. We were the ONLY people on the thing, and no one was in line. We almost had him convinced to let us go around a couple more times, but his persistence trumped ours. We grudingly got off, and then realized we forgout our most powerful weapon: our SEC-shuality! (A little Jenna Maroney, anyone..?) .. Oh well. Here are a couple of my favorite shots from the fair. Hip hip —

This isn’t my favorite photo from the fair … but it is a photo of my favorite part of the fair: COTTON CANDY CANDY TIMES! Oh, man. We had a bit of cotton candy leftover. We brought it home and fed some to Jet. Gibbard wasn’t interested.   … So far Jet hasn’t started bouncing off the walls. We figure it’s only a matter of time.

This is Christy in the middle, with our buddy Anna on her right and Carolyn on her lefty. The fun house pictures were neat. (we didn’t go inside.. just admired from outside)

Creepy dragon ride. 🙂


Creepy rabbit toss game. Haha. Guess how you play this game. ^^^^



Oh, also, this is the week of workshops for me. Tomorrow night starts a series of workshops on autism and RDI therapy which focuses on the root of autistic kids’ speech/social problems, rather than behavioral methods that just force kids to say things, which doesn’t actually help them build relationships. Friday is the Wechsler Nonverbal Scale of Ability workshop at UCA, where I’ll learn about administering it and interpreting it and using it for people with ADD/ADHD and autism. :)))) Then next week, another RDI workshop, and one more the following Thursday.   . .which means I have to miss the actual premier of The Office. … but luckily Christy’s got a tv/vcr so I can record it! Just gotta remember to buy a VHS tape. Three cheers for old school!

Ceau, prietii.  .. I forgot how to pluralize prieten again, so we’re going with prietii for now.

Oh, ps, I’ll be uploading more phair photos (yes, I just typed that) onto my flickr! Click upon the flickr to view them.


~ by marcydrake on September 17, 2008.

4 Responses to “Today in Tangibles”

  1. fair?
    where and when is this fair?
    and why have i not heard about it?

  2. That is fun, you should have asked to take the rabbit and play the toss from the top of the ferris wheel, but I’m sure you just visited them out of order. Also I may have to join you watching the office premiere at a later time. Work gets out late… a lot. Also that dragon reminds me of a racist one I know.

  3. Ah yes, Albi.

  4. nice pictures with your new nikon holly! i don’t think that the fair comes to my city, but there is navy pier that has a ferris wheel at all times, until it gets too cold of course…but still the fair is just different, i miss it, remember last year when we went? oh good times! and I am so pumped about the office, I have a reminder in my phone

    p.s. every time i see something about autism i think about you! there are a lot of business here that support it…or at least i think i see signs on businesses that say they do, maybe i’m hallucinating…who knows?

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