Tangible Phootooos!

Soo, I’ve been snapping a little. Not as much as I’d probably like, but … school calls. You know. Here’s what I’ve got:


First of all, this is my White Board of Destiny, where I write down all my weekly engagements in the hope of keeping up with them:

Please note that Thursday has a lovely NBC peacock to denote its importance:

And since my computer’s going REALLY slow, I’m just gonna add one more then go do my stats homework (blech). I took some shots of my friend Brett Bretterson playing tennis with his friend Tae. Spelling his name is not my forte. But it sounds like the end of forte.

Unfortunately.. I don’t know how to rotate photos. AJ or Ali, if you know what to do, you should let me know.


Okay one of Tae.

Just cause it’s so intense.

Ok, my phone just rang. Stats called. Ceau.


~ by marcydrake on September 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Tangible Phootooos!”

  1. where can i find this said tae….?

  2. i totally stole your dry-erase board organizational idea! and i love the pretty peacock 🙂 enjoy the office tonight, dearie!

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