NIKON!!! and Please Understand Me II!!!

Okay, I ordered a Nikon last Sunday on amazon, and it kept not shipping for several days. Thursday I finally got the “Your order shipped!” email, and every time I tried to track the stuff, all it would tell me is that the carrier had picked it up. Well Kamie just went to the Post Office, and BAM- there it was!!!! Eeeee!!

In addition I ordered a copy of Please Understand Me II, a book of the Keirsey Personality Sorter. It’s awesome and I want to re-take it and see if my type is the same as when I took it last year.


Ok. Off to shoot things now.


~ by marcydrake on September 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “NIKON!!! and Please Understand Me II!!!”

  1. holly! i’m so pumped for you! yay for nikons! ive been using mine a little more b/c i left my digi somewhere at my parents in arkansas…i need to take it out and use it, i mean i’m in chicago! ugh, but i’ve yet to use it, i will soon though…promise! and i need to figure it out…we’ll see

  2. hooray. just make sure you do some drive bys so you can be an original gangster.

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