The latest Tangible

Hey, there’s a new Tangible hanging around. It’s a greeting card featuring Millie, one of my characters from watercolorII/graphicsII. There’s also a second greeting card featuring Ingrid. As soon as I get printing details worked out, I’ll post a photo of the cards and put them on my etsy.  I like them a lot. But then I’m pretty partial to my own narratives.


PS, for a sneak peak, just check out the header of this blog — the lady on the left is the Millie you’ll be seeing on the greeting cards. Yeah, she’s a cool chick.

PPS, all my narratives are from real life stories. Facebook friends, see the photo album “Anecdotes & Narratives of the Sleep-deprived and Overly Imaginative” for more real life narratives – as well as sneak peeks of future tangible projects!

PPS — in terms of grad school- it’s going well. My favorite class is Theories of Psychotherapy & Counseling. The texts for the class are really incredible. And apparently, learning how to counsel people is really eye-opening for your own life. So for those of you who are the praying type, feel free to pray for me as I learn about my OWN self in these classes; it seems I’ve already developed a chronic headache! This is crazy.


Okay, and here’s a photo just to throw some color onto this grey background.That’s Kaim and Britta jumping.

Okay, Greenzo out! (. .. someone name that show)


~ by marcydrake on August 31, 2008.

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