Oh, yeah–

I start my new job as a graduate assistant in the Technology Learning Center this morning. 🙂


It was super fun. I made some die cuts that I’m really excited about. Check these out:::

They fit nicely into the pocket in the back of my ToDo/Notes To Myself journal. That’s a worm, a duck peeking out of the awesome journal back pocket, and a DRAGON. The dragon is my favorite. Albi! Albi the racist dragon!

Wednesday, I think I’m gonna cut out some Greek letters, just for kicks.





So then tonight, I finally finished the giant painting I started like a year ago, that’s called Heavy Hearted.. and it’s a giant version of my small drawring of the same name that I made over a year ago. This is the finished product:




Off to the left of the painting is my giant poster of The Office that dear Schrist gave me for Trimmy last year. It’s pretty much amazing.




Anyways, I think it’s time to hit the haystacks. Good night, dear friendles. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll finish the latest bag I started last week. It’s small and brown and doesn’t have a closure, and it’s got blue ribbon for straps that have yet to be sewn on.. but one is pinned on, so that’s progress to me. Ceau!


~ by marcydrake on August 18, 2008.

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