i think i mentioned a workshop…

I want to tell you about the workshop I’m going to in September. My new advisor told me about it when I told him I was into autism. It’s a two-part workshop. The first part is the Wechsler Nonverbal Scale of Ability: Administration and Interpretation, where we’ll learn the new WNV Scale of Ability, “a Wechsler measure created especially for assessing multiple dimensions of cognitive ability using pictorial directions, minimal language, and NO pantomime. The child does not need to speak in order to respond.” So it’s good for kids who have language problems.   Part two is: Brief Overview of Sensory and Executive Function Issues in ADD/ADHD and Autism Spectrum Populations, which “will provide a very brief review of issues often overlooked in assessment of Autism spectrum disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder: executive function and sensory issues. These are crucial in understanding- and assisting in- the unique learning, social, and behavior challenges often faced by those struggling with these issues.” How awesome! I’m excited.

The learning obejctives? Glad you asked.

1. Name the purpose and function of the WNV Ability Test;

2. Identify the appropriate populations for the WNV Ability Test’s use and be able to administer teh WNV;

3. Discuss application of WNV findings to intervene for learning issues;

4. Name 3 often overlooked cognitive or sensory issues in Autism and related disorders and in ADD/ADHD;

5. Discuss learning and behavior impact of executive function and sensory issues in autism spectrum disorders and ADD/ADHD; and

6. Name methods to assess cognitive and sensory issus in autism and ADD/ADHD.

Wow!! They want you to bring your WNV kit if you have one; I just looked up the price– $675.00… whoa. Won’t be getting one of those any time soon! But I’ll know what to do with it if someone else has one. 🙂


~ by marcydrake on August 17, 2008.

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