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Hey, kids. It’s been a while. First off— it’s finally raining here!!!! The past several weeks have been hot and miserable, and drier than dry. We kept getting skies full of dark, ominous rainy rain clouds, and — they would blow over us and go empty their magic onto another city, leaving us back with the scorching heat. That’s more depressing than rain is supposed to be. Finally the other day, we got some slight sprinkles. And it felt muggy and humid, but it was sprinkly! And the next day, the temperature had dropped a few degrees. Glorious. And now it’s finally raining with gray skies in every direction, and the temp is currently in the seventies. Ali, I guess this update is for you since you’re basically the only reader who’s not in Conway. Anyway, the blog:

  This is my room about a week ago.. stuff was everywhere. To the untrained eye, my room still looks like this… but trust me, there’s a HUGE difference.


Since we last spoke (wrote/read), our carpet has dried and we have unpacked almost all of our boxen! I still have some random-box-junk laying in my floor, waiting for me to find it a home within our home, but .. that’s not too unusual. I’ve usually got some odd or end waiting for a home. Eh. I finally finished hanging my fabric shelf yesterday. Since I’d thrown out the directions, I decided to wing it with the hanging and make my own directions. It isn’t perfect, and one of the support braces doesn’t actually latch onto the shelf, it just holds it up –but it’s holding the fabric just fine. 🙂 So .. there’s that.

Anyways, I wanted to show you this little ditty. It’s a photograph of my favorite corner in our house, in the dining area. My favorite couch cushion is holding up the glass table top, which displays the bobblehead garden gnome (yes) Kamble’s bf Carl gave me for my birthday. It’s glorious. Depressingly, Kamble destroyed that beautiful corner because she hates my all-time favorite couch cushion. She’s such a diva. I really hope Carl doesn’t have any plans for decorating their future house. Here you go:

Sorry about the Diamond foil butting into the shot.


Now, here’s a shot of my kittle, Gibbard, sleeping on my bed. Her sleeping hours are really jacked up. She tries to bring me toys to play fetch with at 6:30, and then at ten when I’m actually up and doing stuff, she’s falling asleep on my bunched up comforter.

Yes, she’s the cutest cat ever. I gave her a flea bath yesterday and, naturally, she hated it. It pretty much took her a full 24 hours to forgive me. But now, she’s fluffy and soft again! It’s great. Secretly, she loves it.

 This lovely shot to your left is my windowsill and part of my desk. Look, there’s my Project Runway Limited Edition Brother! Yeah. I’m a designer. Ha. 

But you can see my ivy there.. isn’t it pretty? I love green more than any other color. 



 Well, now I have a photo for you of my texts! I went to Textbook Brokers and got my books for the fall semester on Friday. Check these bad boys out:

I’d like you to notice how much thicker that Applied Statistics book is than all the others. That’s my Advanced Statistics book. Yeah. I’ve been telling people it’s like five inches thick.. but I got out my ruler and measured, and it’s barely two inches. But still! That thing is a monster.

And now, on to our next-to-last photo update: my latest sewing creation! I’d finally reorganized all my boxed fabrics and decided to experiment with some scrap material. It worked, I think. I just have to sew on the straps! Check out the awesome stitching the Brother does, bottom right:








And finally, this last shot is to show you how we spend most of our time television-wise, or just for background noise when we’ve played out In Rainbows and Narrow Stairs:

 This is Tracy Jordan giving Kenneth Parcell some solid life-advice: “Live every week like it’s shark week.” That, my friends, is how I try to live my life.



That’s it for now, kiddos. I’ve got some pictures to hang and some straps to sew!

Oh, PS- one more thing: I’m officially on a personal crusade against Bank of America. They have unethical banking practices (i.e., forcing open closed checking accounts when payments accidentally get sent through the closed account, rather than rejecting the payment attempt: read: forcing open your closed account to put a negative balance on the closed account, and charging a $35 overdraft fee.. on the closed account. And not bothering to tell you that it’s been reopened. Oh, and not bothering to tell you that it CAN be reopened. Wouldn’t you think if you close an account that it’s closed? Not if they can make money off you. Bottom feeders.), sloppy  tellers (trying to short Carl De Leo $60 bucks and arguing for ten minutes before finally counting down her drawer and realizing it was sixty dollars over, just like Carl predicted; straight up not giving Jane Doe thousands of dollars from a loan refund check and then insisting that it wasn’t there, when there was an envelope of cash on the counter beside him; REPEATEDLY NOT posting cash deposits that were made BEFORE 2:00 [please note that First Security posts cash deposits at any banking hour] and causing the account to overdraft and charging overdraft fees), and highly ignorant, unknowledgeable and insulting bank managers (she couldn’t tell me how or why I had an ATM card sent to me after I’d closed both my checking and savings accounts, nor who had authorized the card to be sent to me, nor how or why the savings account I thought I closed in June was still open with a negative balance. Oh, she had theories- but nothing conclusive, nothing decisive. And then when she told me you can have an ATM card for no reason, attached to no account, and I asked for clarification on how that was possible because it doesn’t make a lick of sense, she proceeded to tell me, “You’re not in the banking business.blahglablkj” .. Yes, she did. She told us closed accounts can be reopened if a debit goes through thirty days after closing, and when she was reminded that the debit was made five days after that 30 day mark, she said, “Well, thirty or sixty days.” … Really? So it’s thirty or sixty days. “Yes, thirty to sixty days.”). Even calling customer service numbers and bouncing around from rep to rep gives no consistent answers. All reps we dealt with constantly altered their explanations of the way certain policies worked. Why is it so hard to give straight, concise answers? With the millions of customers they have, which one rep mentioned as the reason they can’t call every customer whose account they reopen wihtout their knowledge, because there are just so many of them– you’d think they could afford to hire some people who know what they’re doing, and who know how to explain things to the customers whose business they “appreciate” so much. 

In conclusion, if you’re not with Bank of America— keep it that way. The convenience of their many locations across the nation is not worth the hassle of finding out why they do the stupid things they do. If you’re with them now, I highly recommend you switch. Especially if you’re not a major account holder. If you’ve got thousands in checking or savings accounts with them, I’m sure they’ll be extremely curteous to you. But if you’re a college student like me or just a regular Joe living paycheck to paycheck like so many people I know, they’re going to screw you soon if they haven’t already. And they’ll pretend to apologize, but they’re only sorry they got caught.


~ by marcydrake on August 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “a many-photo blog”

  1. Oh Holly Scott! In my head and even still now I see you doing your primary happy dance. I am sure there are variations to it, but the one I am most familiar with. Your room looks like our office. My poor husband has to put up with all of my random bits of clunk a bunk because I may need them someday…. ooohhh before I forget. I totally saw this artist who you would love. Her art is made out of fabric. In the new free creation studio at the Dallas Museum of art there is a ginormous black velvet pincushion with. It is like 3 ft tall and like 4 ft wide. So awesome. Then she has like some other pcs that are not at the museum that I was looking at in one of her books and…. ok…. I am going to google her really quick…. brb….(10 min later) Dorothea Tanning is her name. You should check out what she does with fabric! Anyways…. Gibbard is getting so big. I wish we had a kitty. I would love something fuzzy to snuggle with. However, once I get a full time job it is going to be hard to have any spare time. Your books look as intimidating as Zach’s honors greek book and all of this theological stuff. I am excited for you to start Grad school!!! I guess in a sense I am proud of you, too. :):) I miss you Holly!!!

  2. Oh…. and I also love the brother! It throws out some great stitchwork! Your newest tangible is so cool. There are some purses at Pier 1 I think you would like. They are made from reminants of old Indian Saris. Really cool! Oh… and please blow some of your rain down our way…. appearantly we brought a drought to Dallas when we moved here because it has rained like 1 day in 3 weeks!

  3. Thank you for your concern about my sister. I’ve been very blessed to have such supportive friends. So did the couch cushion actually disappear or did you rescue it from Kamzilla’s decorating rampage? I feel like that bag was made for the ensemble I wore on Thursday. I don’t see myself as a man purse carrier, but give me time. I did just refer to my clothes as an ensemble.

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