college park

So. Kamble and Schrist and I moved into an apartment complex in Conway where we live, and it … looks dingy. Happily, however, our apt isn’t as nearly as bad as we expected it to be. We’re moved all the way in now, at least in terms of how much we DON’T have left to move over here (except that painting I found at Salvation Army for two dollars that is amazing- I’ll post a picture later- that Kamble’s bf Carl keeps trying to keep for his own house) .. but we still have boxes everywhere.

When we checked the place out, we noticed stains in the carpet, etc, etc, and told them it needed to be cleaned. Then today we go pay rent and get our keys today and start moving stuff in, and realize they didn’t clean the carpet at all. They nailed down the carpet in the place we told them about that was coming up and that’s it. So … we told them about it and how gross it was and someone’s going to come tomorrow morning to clean the carpets and the kitchen cabinets (which are gross, and the fridge and stove are SUPER gross) and stuff.. but we’ve already got our boxes and … everything.. already here. And it’s infuriating because now they have to work around our stuff which we weren’t really planning on having organized until the end of the week. Geez.

On the bright side, however.. as we were unpacking I grabbed my computer to start playing some tunes, and decided to see if I could pick up someone’s wireless network. Lo and behold, what network should appear in my airport but an open wireless network named “Dunder_Mifflin”. I decided College Park might be pretty sweet after all. I’ve just gotta find the mystery Office fan. I was thinking about going door-to-door trying to organize a block party, and sneaking in questions about people’s favorite TV show bosses… just waiting for someone to answer Michael Scott.

On a greener side… Christy was going through some old shoes to give away and I looked in the box, and found this awesome pair of green sneakers with black stripes on them, and she said I could have them! So they’re on my feet now. I love them. I might sleep in them. When I unpack my camera, I’ll show you with a picture post.

Ok, time to unpack my books. In my next post I’ll hopefully have made progress on my latest tote bag made from a skirt an old friend made for me that doesn’t fit anymore! Adios.


~ by marcydrake on July 29, 2008.

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  1. Dude! I wish you guys the best of luck with your carpet and Cabinets. You could get some cabinet liner at Walmart so your stuff doesn’t have to even touch their surfaces. Carpet… they have sprinkle deoderizer that you sprinkle then vacuum. OOOhhh I have an idea for the mystery office person! You could like pass out invites to a beginning season Office watch party in September and see if they take the bait! YES!!! Dwali is a festival of lights….let me tell you something tonight has been one crazy night…. So put on your Saris its time to celebrate Dwali…… Oh yes…. Thank you Micheal Scott!

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