kittencat pillow!

Hey. I’m pretty sure I made a post on here ealier. .I guess I didn’t publish it before I closed the window..? Kinda confused right now. Anyway. My kitten Gibbard settled down onto the pillow I made for her! And now Jet’s sleeping on it with her. So .. yeah, it’s pretty cute.

See how cute she is? Yeah. She was just chilling with everyone sitting around her. She’d been showing off her fetching skills to some people who’d been hanging out with us. Those are the feet you see on the edges there. So I let her fetch and run around and play and I probably shouldn’t so her stitches don’t get messed up… but she’s already spent so much sad time in a kennel. Lock me up instead? 





Aw, how cute. Those balls of paper around the pillow are Gibbard’s favorite toys. If you’re not paying attention to her, she brings you a paper ball for you to throw. She goes and bats it around a little and then brings it back, mewing with it in her mouth, and drops it at your feet for you to throw again. And she’s always docile and sweet. Sometimes she races around with Jet, but she’s never mean to anyone. Winner, greatest kitten ever award: Ben Gibbard Mugatu Scott. .. who’s a girl. 🙂

Update: my friend Rakel got the job she applied for! Also: my other friend Ali has moved into her new house in Dallas!


~ by marcydrake on July 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “kittencat pillow!”

  1. How sweet is your kitty! I just wish I was there to snatch her up and love on her. 🙂 I love the pillow. She looks like she does, too. Poor little girl… I hope she feels way better soon. Did you guys get them fixed? Is that why she has stitches? I wish we could have a kitty here, but NO PETS ALLOWED. 😦 LOve U, Holly Scott!

  2. I’ll have you know that my whole face lit up with joy when I got to the end of your super cute post only to realize that you included ME in it and my special news! You are so super sweet! I hope I get to see you next weekend at the wedding!

  3. how stinking adorable!!

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