apron for kamble

Okay, here is a photograph of the apron I made for my sister, Kamble. She loves it, by the way.


It’s not blurry in real life. That’s just the wind. 

There’s Kamble next to a couple of my planties. If you like that big pitcher of sprouts next to Kamble, it’s because you should- my friend Zach Neel made it. He’s quite the potter. His cups and bowls and plates and pitchers and everything clay that he makes… are awesome. Anyway. Just a side note. Oh, he also made some jars for my kitchen, one for flour and one for sugar. So. If you want to buy any of his stuff or have him make something for you, let me know! You’ll love it. 


Also, I made another new apron the other day I haven’t photographed yet. It’s red with yellow checked trim and ties, and it’s got an umbrella flower stitched in the bottom corner. It’s fun! I’ll upload a picture of it later.

For now… I got a letter saying I was admitted into the graduate school at UCA. Now I just have to wait about a week and a half or two weeks to hear whether or not I got into the actual counseling psychology program. Yiikes! I need to register.. so that I can try to avoid a certain professor who I had a hard time with last semester. … Yikes again. I’ll let you know. Cause I know you’re all dying to hear!


~ by marcydrake on July 11, 2008.

One Response to “apron for kamble”

  1. I am doing great! Thanks for my first blog comment, much props! Things are going great…I landed my first job interview (to be held on Wednesday) and I am SO pumped!

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