a brag and a confession and a tear

I went with a friend of mine yesterday to Hobby Lobby so she could get some stuff, and here’s the brag I mentioned: I left without buying anything! That doesn’t happen very often.

However, here’s the confession: right before that, we’d gone to Hancock Fabrics, and I impulse bought a new sewing machine.

There she is.

I’ve already made much more progress on my latest apron than I did with my old Singer. The thread jammed only once and that was only because I was messing with the tension.. and then I got some experience taking apart the bobbin case to free some jammed thread! Hollaaaa

So. I’m pretty pumped about this little guy. .. Girl. Whatever. I don’t think my machine has a gender. OH, except, the one drawback is, it doesn’t have a thread cutter at the back! So I have to cut the threads after all my stitching. Not that big of a deal, but it’s kind of a pain. I’ll let you know how it goes, since I know you’re really wanting to find out. 🙂

Ok, and for the tear— I’m about to have my Mac picked up by DHL so Apple can repair my keyboard. From the day I opened my Mac, the B button has popped off periodically. It didn’t give me too much trouble in the past, but for the past few months it’s been coming off almost every time you try to type a B — not cool. But I never wanted to part with it! .. But now, since my apple care protection is almost up, it’s time. And right before I start grad school, assuming I get accepted. — which, btw, I finished applying for that yesterday. Dropped the app in the mail and walked away. And now I wait. I’ll let you know on that, too.



~ by marcydrake on July 8, 2008.

One Response to “a brag and a confession and a tear”

  1. Look hard for that cutter. I thought the singer didn’t have one either, but it did. I’m pretty sue it’s ARK Code someting or other so it’s law. Look again and again. I can’t imgaine there wouldn’t be one.
    Handy adivce from dear old mom.

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