grad school and a cute apron

Hey, cats. I’m mailing the final application for grad school this afternoon. !!!!!! Wow. Hopefully I’ll hear back soon as to whether I got in. I wouldn’t think it’s that hard, but we’ll see. I might be a gradaute student this fall. Yiiikes!


In other news, I finished an apron designed specifically for Kamble the other night. When she gets home from work, I’m going to make her model it so I can show you how cute it is. Now I’m working on a red apron with a few pockets to show “mom” (aka Amy, my manager at the restaurant where I work) how I sew. She said she’ll buy aprons from me if I’m cheaper than ordering them from China. I told her no one is cheaper than China. I think she laughed. Anyway, I’ll show you how that one goes, too, as soon as it’s done. Hopefully my old Singer will cooperate!

Adios, muchachos.


~ by marcydrake on July 7, 2008.

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