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Ok, I still haven’t glossed the new Loves of Liz magnets..my ma’s been in town so we’ve been hanging out. A lot. We’ve been keeping her up way past midnight every night, and sleeping until noon or later. It’s a little ridiculous! It’s also helpful that I’m not working right now, or all the late night fun wouldn’t be possible. I did get more info today on my provisional license as a psychological examiner- they just need a couple more forms, a hundred smackers, and I’m provisionally licensed and eligible to take the EPPP! .. which means I’ve got to start studying for the EPPP (the national psychology exam).

Does anyone else feel pulled between two worlds? I love psychology. I get to start work in a “real” job in January as a kid therapist, something I’ve always considered doing “when I grow up”. I’m excited about that, and I have plans for getting a doctorate in something one day -developmental or clinical psychology, probably. But even then, I don’t know what I want to “do”. Research, teach, actually practice … the possibilities are endless.

But then I get on Etsy, read whatever interview is posted on the home page .. and all I want to do is be a hippie, and spend all my time pouring all my energy into creating things, which is something I’ve always loved doing. I’ve only discovered a love of psychology in the past few years.

Ack! So who knows. For now I’m having a great time knitting (just finished a Gryffindor scarf for a friend’s child, and I’m about to finish a blue scarf knitted from a pattern I made up based on a couple different stitches I learned online) until I start work in January. And that’s about when I’ll start studying for that bad old EPPP. Yikes.

One more thing -in more creative news, a handful of people have added the original set of 30 Rock Magnets to their favorites on Etsy … so that definitely fuels the fire for the crafty hippie life. Exciting!

For now, I’m gonna finish that scarf, and finish the holiday episodes of The Office and 30 Rock. I made it to season 6 of the Office tonight, and will probably save 30 Rock holiday episodes for tomorrow. There aren’t quite as many of those.

In closing, I plan on finishing, photographing and adding to the shop the Loves of Liz set of magnets tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted, all none of you who read this. 😉


“A woman has uslurped my role as Santa!” – Michael G. Scott
Good night.


the Loves of Liz Lemon: in magnet form!

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I’ve been wanting to make a new set of 30 Rock magnets for a long time, featuring the various loves (if you can call them that – and you can’t, for most of them) of our favorite comedy show writer [played by a comedy show writer]: Liz Lemon. But I’ve been too busy to do that .. until now!

My original set of 30 Rock magnets featured Liz (carrying a box of wieners, from the time she “bought all the hot dogs”), Jenna (in a redneck/cowgirl outfit), Frank (in one of his infamous hats), Kenneth (wearing an eye patch, the way Tracy imagined him seducing his wife), and Tracy (talking about white dudes injecting AIDS into his chicken nuggets).

This is a shot of the original set.

The new set is still waiting for the glue to dry, so I don’t have any “action” shots of them holding stuff on the fridge. In the meantime, I’ve got a shot to upload that just shows the images used for the magnets…in case you wanted to see. 🙂



That’s right. We’ve got:
-Astronaut Mike Dexter, Liz’s fantasy boyfriend who turned out to be real, and a closet plushy.
-Dr. Drew, a painfully handsome pediatrician who lives in a good-looks bubble, aka Captain Hook[s], recipient of some really nice hand transplants.
-Carol, doorman to the skies, a killer dancer, and a fan of Liz’s brainchild, TGS.
-Gray, aka The Hair, who [unfortunately] turned out to be Liz’s third cousin.
-Dennis Duffy, the Beeper King and Dateline predator.
And of course,
-the [not really] one and only Wesley Snipes, aka Future Husband/Settling Soulmate.

Not pictured but also available in magnet form: Floyd, aka Flower Guy. Actually, I have a picture of his magnet…

Oh, Flower Guy. He was such a dreamboat.

Anyway. Once the magnets are finished, I’ll photograph them on the fridge and share the pic. Then they’ll be available in the Etsy shop! In the meantime, you can still order the original set pictured above. And stay tuned for a new set of various little-known but much loved characters, including Vlem, Moon Vest, and more.. in addition to new versions of Tracy, Jenna, Kenneth and Liz. I’m excited.

Next up: Scarves.

Weekend scarves

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Generally I have trouble finishing a regular, full-length scarf in less than … a year.  …until now. I happened upon a pattern Friday night during a knitting circle with some of my (not elderly) friends- a pattern that knits up very quickly. I started it Friday night, and finished it Saturday afternoon while I was getting my brake pads changed! And then I started another one that I finished that night at dinner. Uh… two whole scarves in two days, when my standard time frame for finishing a full scarf is usually at least several months? This is news. Anyway. The second one hasn’t been photographed yet, as it was promised to my sister when it was just a skein of yarn on the shelf at Hobby Lobby, and I already gave it to her -and then she got sick last night. So I didn’t want to take it back to photograph it, because who wants her germs? I’m not a germophobe by any stretch, but I’m not going to go asking for trouble. Anyway. That’s enough rambling. This is the first scarf:

The Jezebel. Named after the Quiet Company song, Jezebel. If they approve. If not, then it will just be Jezebel, named from a name I made up, or heard somewhere one time.

<< This is a shot of the whole thing. Jezebel is great for weird Southern winter days when it’s November, but Mother Nature is having a “senior moment,” and it’s 60-70 degrees outside.









In other news, this is one I actually finished last year, and it’s awesome. It’s soft and cozy and really warm, and the shape is really fun to play with. It doesn’t have a name yet – but I’m open to suggestions.   

I really like how it wraps around your neck. When I was making it I wasn’t sure how it would look, but it ended up being really neat… which is, in my opinion, one of the great underused vague descriptors of things. Neat.








This one is another that I finished some time last year. I had wanted it to be just a little longer, but the skein ran out before it was where I wanted it, and I’d only bought one.. so it’s worn best by tying it in a loop instead of wrapping. But we also thought it still looked cute on the shorter side, soo.. we keep it around.








Anyway, that about wraps up the scarf action for now. There is one more buttoned neck wrap I couldn’t find when we were going out to shoot the others… and I’ll add a pic of that one when I get around to it. Probably after Thanksgiving. Yeah, thankfulness and turkey and scarves!

Hey, nerds.

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I’ve been knitting.
But I’ve also been studying for comps, which, naturally, has to take shotgun compared to knitting.
Or dougieing, as we’re calling it these days.
Yeah, I can teach you how to dougie.


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Knitting is the word of late.

Knitting with my cats. If you look again at that picture, you’ll see Jet lurking in the background. Luckily he opted to not try to attack the yarn or needles while I was trying to photograph them. I know, I know,  cats and knitting are supposed to go together like white on rice, but as reality will attest, … cats will destroy knitting. I digress.

I bought a “teach yourself” knitting CD at hobby lobby a couple weeks ago. I already know how to knit and purl, and how to yarn over or K2Tog, etc. But I was hoping the cd might have more to say that I don’t know how to do, and that it would show me. Because it’s videos.
Well, it did.
It showed me how to knit stripes!! As in with 2 different colors of yarn!
Naturally, when you’ve just learnt how to knit in stripes, your first undertaking should be a scarf using the colors of your preferred House. And by House I mean Hogwarts House. Personally, I feel I’m a Gryffindor at heart.

Iiiiilove it.

The blue one is a scarf I started for Amanda last year and didn’t get around to finishing. I’m notorious in my own craftworld for starting things, but not yet known for finishing them. Not a lot, anyway. I do have two scarves to my name. I forgot to photograph those. I finished them last year. One of them has been gifted to my friend Megan (@megzlh154), but I keep forgetting to remind her to take it with her when she leaves my apt. One of these days. I HAVE almost finished this buddy:     

It’s a long, thin double rib knit scarf, made from this thick, fluffy Epais yarn from the Hobbs. I love love love this stuff. I bought a skein of Epais in a light/dark purpleish color that should be really pretty, too. This one just needs a liiittle more length.

In (what I consider to be) very exciting other news, I have visited a couple yarn shops the past month or so! One is Yarn Mart in the Heights, and the other is called Knit2Together, in Russellville. I’ve bought some fantastic yarns at both those places. I’ll photograph those another time to show all of you who stumble upon this blog. I’m not sure what to knit with them yet, is the problem. They’re too pretty and cozy to just ..make something haphazard. So I’m using my cheaper yarns to experiment with patterns to see which ones might suit the good yarns.

I’ll let you guys know when I finish these -especially the Gryffindor scarf. I’ve only got just over a month to finish!! Eeek. It’s too bad summer isn’t the kind of weather/time of year that inspires you to knit. Otherwise I’d have probably been all over this a long time ago.

In closing, here’s a picture of my cat sitting on Amanda’s scarf:

sources of Inspiration [that have yet to lead to anything tangible]

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Well, I’d had something of a post started… but then my computer, whose battery is 98% dead, semi-unplugged itself (the cord and port are both bent and have to be twisted a very particular way in order to maintain a connection) …. and it shut down and I lost what I had. Boo. The point was:

I love movies that make me want to make stuff. Example: The Science of Sleep. I love Stephanie’s felt creations and Stephane’s inventions, like the 3D glasses that make life 3D, and the one-second time travel machine. I’m particularly jealous of Stephane’s dreams. Mine are incredibly boring, and generally in black and white. At best, they’ll have very dull, muted colors. There’s only one bright, vivid dream I can recall, and it only lasted a few seconds. Boo.

Another that immediately comes to mind is Stranger than Fiction. The visualizations of Harold Crick’s constant calculations is inspiring. Why, I don’t know. But it makes me want to bust out a Moleskine and start doodling lots of nothings. My favorite part (artistically speaking) is the end credits. Those make me want to crank open good ol’ Photoshop (CS2, thank you very much) and seeing what kinds of pictures I can destroy -in a good way, of course.

Due to the nature of my creative habits, I don’t have time to start any right now. I like to start around 9:00 or 10, and work into the wee hours of the morning. When I stay up late, I become increasingly uninhibited, and I also get more ideas for creating things. Is anyone else this way? Now that I’m thinking about it, it reminds me of a book I’ve been reading for probably over a year, The Brain that Changes Itself. I actually finished it yesterday. The end told a story of a woman who was born without most of the left side of her brain. Now, if most of us lost the use of half our brain, it would mean all sorts of trouble, from personality changes to paralysis, depending on the area that was damaged. But since this woman was born without it, she had nothing to lose. The right side of her brain made up for what the left side would’ve done. She’s limited in her ability to understand abstract concepts, but she’s great with numbers and can walk and move and speak normally. It’s pretty fascinating if you ask me. But that story was a just a side note- sorry. The real point was this: when we have whole brains, the right and left sides interact with and balance each other. The balance also inhibits. Doctors who’ve examined that woman, for example, believe her concrete reasoning abilities are so strong because the missing part of her frontal cortex that would normally balance and inhibit that capability is missing. Sweet. Well, .. there are people who’ve had various parts of their brain damaged and suddenly became much more “artistic” than they were before the accident. Whaa? The damaged part didn’t balance the “artistic” part anymore – and therefore also didn’t inhibit it. The book references another which I’ve seen before and flipped through, but haven’t bought [yet]- Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. The author recommends that people try to turn off  [or at least quiet] the left side of their brains in order to facilitate drawing.

I think that’s kind of what happens to me at night. I get tired, my brain stops functioning quite as well as when I’m bright eyed, coherent and well-behaved, and I become a little freer with what I’m doing. I also become a little more impulsive/inattentive. I have a hard time keeping at just one thing and will start another, then work back and forth between the two things. Then check facebook [multitasking, right?]. Then maybe gather materials to start something else, then finally decide that my eyes are crossing too much to keep going and expect anything decent to be produced, so I cave and go to sleep. I’d like to access that relaxed inhibition without being sleep-deprived, and preferably without any substances or Adderall.

On a related note, another book I’ve recently started [but have decided to wait until I continue, so that Lynn Ann Fruitcake and I can read it at the same time and have psychological discussions about the book’s psychological  implications] is called Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain. One of the cases detailed in the beginning is about a man [ a physician, actually.. maybe a neurologist? It’s been a couple weeks since I read it] who got struck by lightning, had a near death experience with a bright light and everything, and after a couple weeks returned to work with no major damage done. He had a few memory problems in the weeks he was off work, but that was it. Well, a few weeks after that, he suddenly became obsessed with piano compositions. He started listening to classical music nonstop, and began hearing compositions in his head. He started taking piano lessons so he could play what he was hearing. It actually became so obsessive that he got divorced, which is sad. But the point is- how on earth? Sorry to spend so much time on that story without knowing anything else about it — but when I get further into it, if it explains anything else -I’ll report.

On another tangential note, I saw a 60 Minutes or 20/20 or something recently about a British man who’s mentally handicapped (I think?) and blind, but a savant with a piano – he is awesome. He goes around playing benefit concerts all the time, as well as playing at nursing homes for elderly people, many of whom have dementia and haven’t spoken in years, and his playing makes them start singing. How cute is that? And heartwarming.

Soo.. I think that’s actually about it for now. I apologize for the meandering stroll I took down unrelated roads. But what can I do? One of my nicknames is Tangent, after all.


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I have great plans for sewing some dresses and/or skirts whenever I get hold of some of that elusive “free time” I hear people talk about. Too bad you can’t buy it, or barter for it .. especially if I could barter things like apathy. Wouldn’t it be cool if the world worked that way?

I could take some of my excess lethargic energy (oxymoron) and put it out into the world … and in return, gain some free time in which I could pursue all these stitchtastic endeavors I daydream about when I should be sleeping (like now). And the listlessness I cast out into the world would go into someone who needs it- like a bad guy, you know. Just out into one of the everyday dudes who makes a living scamming people or something. Or maybe someone really bad to the bone, like Joseph Kony (leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, who captures Ugandan children and forces them to be soldiers in their army, committing heinous crimes against their own people and own families) or the angry pastor at Westboro Baptist Church- or any of their minions.

Wouldn’t it be great if the world worked that way?

Anyway. Crazy well-wishing dreams aside, please remind me to get on this later when I’m wrapped up in watching my 30 Rock DVDs again. Remind me that I’ve already got most of them memorized and it’s time to move on, and if that’s too painful (they’re my friends!!!), then to incorporate my love for them into whatever my hands should be crafting. Like more magnets.

For now: Lemon out.